Green comfortable is a collection of research, development, design, sales and service in one of the world's most professional artificial turf brand production services.
    In the artificial turf industry, the green comfortable, rain across the intensive cultivation six years road, followed market orientation. Green comfortable continuously integrating scientific research, production, marketing platform. And abide by integrity, permanent the principle of good faith, and constantly promote the brand. Make our products more professional, more embodies the fine.
    Green comfortable growth always adhere to the international idea, the product has obtained the prison system official organizations compulsory product certification-CE certification, in order to guarantee our product safety, environment protection!
    Green comfortable will continue to users satisfaction pushing himself, for enterprise infuse new revelation and vigor, and strengthen the team building, strengthen the cooperation with international organizations and the development, to our honest and innovation spirit join in the development of the sport.
    To open as the foundation, supplying comfortable service, advocate the green forever!
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